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Diffuser Scents

Diffuser Scents

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These have been asked about time and time again! Now your home can smell like you favorite Sweet as Candy products! Use in a diffuser well, you need 5-10 drops depending on how strong you want the scent to be! A perfect alternative to candles,

Earl Grey Goodness- a medley of bergamot, black tea and vanilla

Rock Candy- a bestseller! sweet and tart, this is a fan favorite

Cotton Candy Bliss- classic cotton candy scent, spun sugar to bring you all the carnival nostalgia

Cozy Comfort- cinnamon, sugar and homemade deliciousness. This may sound like a fall scent but who doesn't like the scent of sweet cinnamon buns all year long?

*These are super concentrated oils so please don't apply them directly to you skin.

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