Safety First

I do not claim that these products will fix any skin issues. They all include fragrance oils, keep this in mind if you have sensitive skin or react to new products. I encourage you to do a small patch test on the skin to make sure there is no reaction.

I am not responsible for any reactions to the skin from using my products. It is at the buyers discretion to purchase and use my products.

Some of the products contain pigment that may result in residue being left behind in the tub after it has drained. Darker color bombs and bubble bars are NOT recommended for unglazed bath tubs. I strongly encourage to you to use a bathmat in your tub as some of the oils in the products can make the tub slippery. I am not responsible for any injuries or misuse of my products.

By purchasing Sweet As Candy Inc. products, you have read and understood this disclaimer.

Please also note that some of my products contain nut oil. If there are issues of allergies to these ingredients please refrain from using.